Mark Lutchman considers himself to be Strong • Unique • Unfiltered. He was born in Puerto Rico but moved to the United States at 4 years old. A precocious child who was always told that he spoke “too proper,” Mark’s parents enrolled him in a private school where he retained his education from kindergarten until high school. As Mark matured, he developed a strong interest in politics, joining the Army National Guard one year after graduating. Later on, he decided to broaden his horizons by majoring in criminal justice at ITT Tech. However, due to the influx of social justice and liberalism in his generation, Mark felt conservatism needed more young voices, and so he decided to become one of them!

Mark’s fascination with Donald Trump was set into motion in 2015, and despite receiving major backlash from the African-American community, Mark regularly started speaking out about Trump. Having been inspired by seeing many liberals claiming to be conservative and advocating that all Trump supporters were racist, Mark felt he could make a difference and perhaps put an end to these claims… but soon he found himself to be an outcast in his community. Despite this snag, Mark is thrilled to have now found a new home in the conservative community, and in no way regrets the path he took to arrive there.
Believing that unification is everything, Mark is thrilled to present the Lutchman Report. Through his work, Mark looks forward to manifesting a voice that will teach others how it’s “okay to love your country” and how it’s “okay to be different”.