South Korean Elite Try To Wine And Dine Trump, POTUS Has More Important People To Meet

Source: Youtube, Twiiter

South Korea President Moon Jae-In pulled out all the stops to make Donald and Melania comfortable.

There were elegant meals and eloquent speeches. The South Korean President even pulled out Trump’s campaign slogan and said Trump was “already making America great.”

It was well received and of course Melania dazzled with her beauty and charm.

Check out her amazing lace dress at this official state dinner. Just gorgeous. (You can see it at 10:18 in video below.)

But it was the invitation that Trump turned down that has everyone applauding. Trump turned down a chance at a fancy lunch with the South Korean elite to dine with the troops.

Pvt. Merion Holmes, 21, of Georgetown, S.C., told Stars and Stripes:

“He said he’d rather eat with the troops than at a fancy restaurant. It made me feel like he cared.”

Trump does care and he respects out troops and their sacrifices and we need more of that in the swamp, not less. Share if you agree.


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