Total Media Blackout As Illegal Immigrant Commits Horrific Crime In Texas

Illegal Immigrant
Source: KVUE News

The Texas shooting happened on Sunday and it was horrific, but it wasn’t the only shooting of the weekend. No, I’m not talking about Chicago, I’m talking about an illegal immigrant in Austin who opened fire on the freeway.

The illegal immigrant is Rolando Martinez who said he was drunk when he opened fire at drivers on the interstate. A seven-year-old girl was hit in the head and she is in the hospital in critical condition.

Martinez was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a 2nd-degree felony.

Austin PD said that the shooting started at 2 am Saturday and finally ended at about 3:15 am. Numerous 911 calls were placed in response to the criminal.

Officials arrested Martinez at a home on municipal traffic warrants Saturday. When they questioned him, he told them he had been drinking at the Nocturno Nightclub and didn’t remember much from that night but he did remember waking up in a grassy median near the freeway.

Now that he said he was drunk all he has to do is to come out and live as a gay man and he will get a hero’s parade in Austin.

If you commit a crime, just say you had too much to drink and then live as a gay man, all will be forgiven.

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