Texas Governor Just Looked At CNN And Said ONE WORD That Left Them All Speechless

Source: CNN

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was just recently on CNN to be interviewed about the church mass shooting that took 26 lives.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo started off the interview by immediately inferring that guns were to blame for the attack. Right as he said this, Gov. Abbott came right back at him with some facts that left him speechless. Watch:

“He was not supposed to have access to a gun, so how did this happen? But Chris that is just one of the unknowns out there.”

“At the time this crime occurred killing was illegal in Texas, it’s the same kind of thing in New York just last week where it wasn’t a gun that used it was a truck that was used to mow down people on the bike lane.”

“Same thing happened in London where you had people using bombs to blow up a concert area or knives to stab people.”

“Chris, there’s one thing we have to take away from this and that is evil exists in the world from the time of the bible until now – there is evil that we must confront.”

The governor is absolutely right. Liberals forget the fact that taking guns away from everybody won’t solve anything. It’s about confronting evil where it exists and if he hasn’t noticed two good guys with guns are the ones who took him out.

The shooter didn’t have a gun license, in fact, he was denied one. But still, the man found a gun. So the liberal argument that gun laws would have prevented the shooting doesn’t apply here.

Liberals are refusing to even mention Johnnie Langendorff and Stephen Willeford who had guns to take down the bad guy. Who knows what would have happened if those two didn’t have guns and had not have chased him down. The shooter could have went on to kill even more people.

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