After Numerous Women Accuse Harvey Weinstein, Manhattan DA Finally Ends His Reign Of Terror

Harvey Weinstein
Source: YouTube

The distraction story of the year that embroiled a Hollywood producer by the name of Harvey Weinstein in a sex scandal not rivaled in years another update.

Harvey Weinstein, the alleged serial rapist, will be under the gun by a Manhattan district attorney.

The Manhattan DA is seeking an indictment against Weinstein sometime next week.

The NYPD has been putting together a case against the disgusting pervert for raping Paz de la Huerta two times in 2010.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said last week the department is sharing information with DA Cy Vance’s office and the next step would be to obtain an arrest warrant to pick up Weinstein in Arizona, where he is in rehab.

This is just the first of many cases that will be brought up against Weinstein.

Don’t let this distract you from the numerous missing details about the Vegas shooting like the alleged shooter’s missing hard drive and Jesus Campos only appearing on Ellen’s show after reneging on an interview with Hannity.

Ellen has money in MGM Grand’s operations, that’s where the security guard was employed.

Share this story, Weinstein deserves prison.


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