Democratic Congressman Disrespects Texas Shooting Victims, Ben Shapiro Gives Him Twitter Beatdown

Ben Shapiro
Source: YouTube

The trend of Democrats disrespecting victims is reaching sickening highs. Yet another Congressman walked out of a moment of silence instead of honoring the slain victims of a mentally ill, ANTIFA wannabe. Ben Shapiro wrecked that Congressman.

Ted Lieu is a Democrat from California and he completely disrespected the memory of the murdered to grandstand on his anti-American rhetoric towards guns.

He’s a part of the party that has walked out of moment silences before and taken a knee during the anthem in the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill. This sickening anti-American rhetoric is only rivaled by the Middle East and North Korea.

Lieu Took to Twitter to try and get some attention. He got more than he bargained for.

Lieu got off to a bad start.

Ben Shapiro responded:

Lieu tried to fight back but was beat every step of the way.

Lieu shows exactly who the left really cares about. It’s themselves. He was clearly grandstanding to try and build a following, but it backfired horribly.

He is far more concerned with inanimate objects than real, living terrorists who are flooding our borders.

The left will be completely gone soon. They are collapsing in on themselves.

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