Leading Democrat Gets Filthy With Ugly Hit Job, Backfires In Spectacular Fashion

Ralph Northam
Source: WikiMedia

Ralph Northam is running to replace Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia. He is a typical liberal when it comes to campaigning. Conservatives and liberals called out his latest despicable move alike so instead of standing up for the ad, he blamed Russian bots.

Russian bots are the favorite of the left to blame for their maligned tactics and embarrassing behavior.

The ad that was put together by Latino Victory Fund showed a pickup truck trying to run over minority children. The truck had an Ed Gillespie sticker, a rebel flag, and a “Don’t Tread On Me” license plate. Ed Gillespie is the GOP challenger of Northam.

Just a few days after the ad aired, a Muslim terrorist ran over innocent people in New York in yet another terrorist attack. Shortly after, the ad was pulled.

Clearly, this was created to paint Trump and Gillespie as racist who use their supporters to kill minorities to push Trump and Gillespie’s agendas.

To cover for Northam, Senator Mark Warner attempted to cover for him. He is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and he tried to say, “Russian operatives” continue to influence American elections.

Warner said, “Russian operatives are attempting to initiate and manipulate American social media to hijack the national conversation and to make Americans angry, to set us against ourselves and … to undermine our democracy. They did it in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. They are still doing it now.”

This is embarrassing. They screwed up and now they’re trying to duck the ramifications.

The coked out Chelsea Handler gave her astute observation again.

Ralph Northam will lose in Virginia.

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