President Trump Discovers Easy Way To Remind World What A Weak Leader Obama Really Was

Japanese Emperor
Source: DailyMail

President Trump is taking a bold trip abroad in Asia and his first stop was Japan to greet the Japanese Emperor.

Japan has been a loyal ally since the A-bomb was dropped back in 1945 and we have been very respectable with the Japanese government.

Well, Trump decided to keep his “America First” and strength outlook on foreign policy and showed the Japanese Emperor that he won’t prostrate himself like Barack Obama did. Obama bowed like he worshipped the Emperor.

President Trump stood up and respectfully shook the Emperor’s hand, but did not bow. Now, this may seem very minor, but it shows the stark difference between Trump and Obama.

Trump decided to show America’s strength and integrity the moment he stepped into office and hasn’t stopped since. He may be a different style candidate, but no one can argue that he is making America look strong and unpredictable.

This is vastly different than when Obama spent his first year going on apology tours across the world to apologize for America’s greatness.

Let’s not forget that the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, is the son of Hirohito, the man who approved the bombing of Pearl Harbor during the alliance with the Nazis during the worst war in the planet’s history.

Akihito is not his father, nor should he be held responsible for his sins, but bowing to him is not something that Americans should ever do. All that is required is to be respectful and shake his hand. That is what President Trump did.

Trump is a commander-in-chief, not a beggar-in-chief.

Spread the word that Trump won’t bow down to any man.

Share this everywhere to show that Trump is displaying strength.


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