Actor Michael McKean Proves Hollywood’s Morally Bankrupt With Vile Reaction To Texas Shooting

Michael McKean
Source: WikiMedia

The horrific shooting in Texas on Sunday was despicable. It showcases that psychotropic drugs are one of the biggest contributing factors in mass shootings. The reactions across social media were appalling on the left; in particular, one tweet from Michael McKean was particularly disgusting.

Michael McKean is a D list actor and his career is drowning. What better way to try and be more relevant than to try and be a liberal activist on Twitter?

The shooting was a disgusting act of cowardice and hatred. The outspoken atheist and wannabe ANTIFA member targeted his ex-in-laws church.

What happens when there is such a shooting? Well, we usually hear the echo chamber of legislation and bashing the GOP. Twitter certainly didn’t disappoint on giving us the liberal echo chamber we have come to know.

This is what the left has become. They are a hateful group that can’t go one tragedy without being disrespectful and disgusting.

The shooting is not a result of guns and the Second Amendment. It is a result of the increased division and hatred being impugned on the American people by the globalists and the elites who wish to destroy us.

Of course, the continually incorrect Chelsea Handler chimed in on the shooting. She pulled off the trifecta of blaming guns, America, and Republicans. She’s the liberal heroine.

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