Sheriff Clarke Just Sent ANTIFA Back To Their Parent’s Basements With One Epic Sentence

Source: Fox News / Wikipedia

ANTIFA is one of the groups who proclaim to be the “resistance” against President Trump and conservatives. They have been talking about a revolt that they would be demonstrating on Nov. 4th for quite some time now.

However, the turn out didn’t end up like that in the least bit. It seems that they have stayed in for the most part and they didn’t do anything they said they would.

Sheriff Clarke gave them one hell of a butt-whoopin’ when he appeared on Fox News. Watch:

“This human garbage known as ANTIFA, how nice of them to give America a break from their violence as they sleep in on Sunday morning. This group is generally lazy.”

“What they need to do is go back home to mommy and daddy and ask them if you can sack out in the basement again and give America a break.”

“This is hate group and most of America does not side with them.”

They have a new nickname now, ANTIFAIL. They have failed to deliver on their “fight” for the resistance and ultimately have lost steam. It was clear that they could not keep up their string of violence forever in protest of America.

More of these fools will likely go back to their normal lives playing video games and eating pizza in their parent’s basement for now. Hopefully we don’t have to worry about these idiots anymore.

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