Rosie O’Donnell Finally Reveals Disgusting Thing She Did To Trump That Started The Feud

Source: Youtube, NBC

Rosie O’Donnell is a has been, clinging to her fading career. She will do anything to stay in the spotlight and for a while, Trump kept her in it.

She should have thanked him, instead she turned nasty. And vicious and took every opportunity to bash Trump.

Trump is a counter puncher, like we have never seen before, and he did what comes naturally, he fought back.

He crushed Rosie – most people don’t remember but Trump used to go on the Howard Stern show (Stern hates Rosie more than Trump) and they would bash Rosie together such was their mutual disgust for her antics.

The thing with Rosie is she crossed the line – she went from trying to be funny to trying to be hateful and it is there that comedy dies.

Lorne Michaels, The Staurday Night Live executive said he wouldn’t hire her to play Steve Bannon last year because pure hate is never funny.

And he was right. She is not funny nor is the new show she has coming out called SMILF. It is a disgusting title for a disgusting woman and the show will bomb.

But Rosie is out promoting it and she took her requisite shots at Trump to get publcity.

She went on Seth Myers show and after bashing, after after badgering by Seth, she finally revealed what she did to Trump to start the feud.

Rosie said it started when she was on ‘The View,’ and a young woman who just won “Junior Miss Trump Atlantic City Pageant Sexist Winner.”

According to some gossip rag the girl was “caught’ kissing another woman at a bar in Manhattan.

It hit the news, this was years ago when that behavior was frowned upon, and Trump tried to repair the damage and help the devastated girl out.

Trump said he forgave her with a public show of support and that it was no big deal and hoped the press would move on to another manufactured scandal.

But not Rosie. She told Seth, according to the Daily Beast, the exact repulsive words that started the feud:

“What is he, the pimp and she’s the prostitute? He’s the moral arbiter of 20-year-old behavior now, right?”

What a class act.

Trump tries to help the girl and Rosie takes cheap shots at both. Do you agree that Rosie deserves everything she gets after hearing this?


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