Newt Gingrich Accurately Predicts USA’s Economic Future If GOP Passes Trump’s Tax Bill

Source: Fox News, Youtube

Newt Gingrich does not suffer fools. He has made a career of taking on the left and winning.

We all remember how he brought Bill Clinton and the Democrats to heel and got a balanced budget and welfare reform.

Both of those things led to an economic boon this country hadn’t seen in a long time.

Yes, technology played a part and Clinton was President, but without the balanced budget and welfare reform we do not see the economic boon we saw in the 1990’s.

So Newt knows, more than most, what he is talking about. And he has a message for America – do not listen to the hysterical left and their cries that the sky is falling about Trump’s tax plan.

They said the same thing about welfare to work reform – said it would lead to an explosion of homeless etc.

In did the opposite. It got people back to work and the economy roared.

Funny how that works, huh?

So don’t listen to the left and listen to Newt because he has a track record.

And Newt just made a prediction about the economy and Trump’s tax plan that has America cheering.

According to Newsmax Newt said, “I think they’re on the edge of a truly great achievement that will lead to an economic boom of enormous proportion.”

Newt went on imploring the GOP to not play stupid politics during this historic, once in a life time opportunity.

“I am for the largest possible tax cut that they can pass. One of the lessons I hope they’ve learned from the Obamacare experience is you have to have 218 in the house, 50 senators, the vice president, and the signatures of the president.”

Correct. Don’t blow it boys.

He added that he thought they were on the right track and said that the GOP has already made great compromise among its warring factions and all points lead to passage of the bill.

“They’ve been flexible and given up things that they would love to have and know they can’t get them.”

Correct. And they have no choice because they must pass tax reform – for the country, but more importantly for their own political futures. Share if you agree.


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