Melania Couldn’t Believe A White House Trick-or-Treater’s Costume, Her Jaw Dropped

On Monday, the White House hosted a Trick-or-Treat event just prior to Halloween and President Trump and Melania handed out candy to the kids who came.

Many children showed up in terrific costumes. There was spiderman, ghosts, skeletons, and even Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos dressed as Ms. Fizzle.

But one girl’s costume made Melania Trump’s jaw absolutely drop when she saw it. Take a look:

Source: White House

It was her! This teenage girl dressed up as Melania Trump for Halloween from her outfit during the relief of Hurricane Harvey.

The costume had Melania Trump’s aviator glasses with her classic FLOTUS hat. It appears in the video that President Trump complimented the girl’s costume.

So it looks like while the kids were Trick-or-Treating, Melania Trump got a great treat herself! How cute!


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