OMG! Kellyanne Conway Just Went On CNN And Set Their Lies On Fire With One Sentence

Source: Twitter

CNN just recently had an interview with Kellyanne Conway and CNN’s Alisyn Camerota being the host.

After a few minutes of talking Conway finally loses all of her patience for the way CNN was praising Hillary Clinton like someone who did the right thing. They talked about how Hillary funded the Russian dossier. Camerota tried to turn the tables to point out Trump’s alleged connection with Russia.

Watch Kellyanne Conway Utterly DESTROY Her With One Sentence:

“I do want to say something else. People are now writing about our discussion, and earlier in your broadcast, two commentators mentioned, ‘Oh, we just like to talk about Hillary.’ You’re still talking about Hillary! I’ll make you a deal — I’ll never say a word [about Hillary] again.”

“She was the loser, so you have to keep talking about her. You treat her book like it is not fiction. She gets a platform on CNN plenty. And you have people from her campaign on your network for the last year to sit there and never admit they paid millions of dollars for this phony dossier.”

Holy crap! The fire in Kellyanne Conway’s eyes was enough to ignite a massive flame. CNN sure did feel the burn here.

Camerota agreed that she would not mention Hillary Clinton any longer in the interview with Conway. The way she made CNN bend the knee the way she did was completely epic.

If you applaud Kellyanne Conway for humiliating CNN, then let’s give her a Share!


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