IT BEGINS: First NFL Player Stages Walkout, Says Something Massive Coming Sunday

Source: Youtube

This is how a popular sports league dies – with an arrogant escalation based on a stupid politically correct culture that coddles athletes.

That is it make no mistake. For when Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said we can’t have the inmates running the prison, he said nothing we all haven’t said a million times.

It is a common cliché that works for children, employees, for darn near anything that has gotten so out of control as to be ridiculous.

That is where we are – we have reached absurd levels with these protests and now instead of being angry or sad and I am just laughing.

Out loud. At, not with, the players.

According to Yahoo Sports, the entire Texans team considered a walkout today but only star receiver DeAndre Hopkins actually did it.

And then it gets even more nuts, Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown said McNair’s comments sickened” him and claimed the whole team is planning something for Sunday to protest the owner.

“This is bigger than just the protests,” Brown said, “This is the view of player-owner relationship. This is how you view us. You’re an inmate, we can’t let you guys out of line. We can’t let you speak for yourself. We can’t let you have your own beliefs. That’s what it feels like. It’s a bad situation.”

No it just means he is the boss and you work for him – what is the big deal?

It is a common phrase used a million times a day – we can’t let inmates run the asylum, why is it wrong to use here?


  1. It isn’t wrong to use that phrase, it’s the truth. And if these spoiled arrogant POS feel so “enslaved” by their bosses, they need to resign, there are thousands of talented players in the United States that would stand at attention and salute our flag, our anthem and the United States of America if just given the chance to play the game of football and get paid just a portion of what these idiots are getting. If they are planning something on this coming Sunday, they are going to be really surprised at what is going to happen based on the consequences of there actions. I’d like to tell THEM they need to be prepared.


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