Bitter Hillary Clinton Finally Reveals Dirty Trick She Tried To Play On Trump At Inauguration (Video)

Source: Graham Norton Show

No one would have known she was worse than anyone ever could have imagined had she just kept her big mouth shut.

But she cannot. She is incapable of class and grace. She is not able to put aside her bitter hatred and acidic jealousy, not even for the good of the country.

As she just revealed.

Hillary Clinton was on British TV show Friday and finally told the truth.

That she is a total fraud and worse than anyone could have imagined.

She mocked Trump and said she was going to pull a fast one and break tradition and not show up for his inauguration.

Appearing on “The Graham Norton Show,” Clinton whined about how she didn’t want to go and hatched a plan with Bill to get out of the American tradition and duty.

What sets us apart is a peaceful transfer of power. Not a bitter loser refusing to honor the will of the people.

“I really tried to get out of going,” Clinton said according to the reporting from the Free Beacon.

“We thought, OK, maybe others aren’t going,” she said, “So you know we called the Bushes, and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate,” Clinton said as the liberal audience ate it up.

Hillary relished the applause but she forgot it was for breaking a sacred American tradition?

“We called the younger Bushes they said, ‘Yeah we’re going.’ We called the Carters they said, ‘Yeah we’re going,'” Clinton said.

She did add, after revealing the dirty trick she tried to play on Trump, that it is a sacred American tradition so she was in a tough spot.

You had to be shamed into going by the others you are a cold and creepy fraud. Share if you agree.


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