Sarah Huckabee Sanders Glares At Hapless Reporter, Delivers Lethal Blow To CNN

Source: Youtube

Isn’t Sarah Huckabee Sanders the best? She has by far the toughest job in Washington (outside of Trump and General Kelly) and handles it will elegance and class.

With humor and grace. With toughness and emotion.

She is in short, perfect, and the only question we really have is what took so long? Why were Spicer or The Mooch ever on the podium when Sarah is absolutely world class?

At least we have her now to take on the media and send shivers down their spines with one glance. Or one well-placed and devastating comeback.

Like what she just did to one hapless reporter today.

Who asked Sarah about a specific quote from a speech George W. Bush gave yesterday.

The reporter thought he had Sarah, as they all do, but he was no match for Sarah in this battle of wits.

Let’s just say he was out of his league.

“On the George W. Bush speech, he said at one point ‘bigotry seems emboldened, our policies seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.’ Does President Trump agree with this assessment? And, if so, what does he see as his role in addressing that?” the hapless reporter asked.

Sarah Sanders, glared at the clown and without blinking shot back,

“I think if anybody is pushing a lot of fabricated things right now, I think most of that would be coming from the news media, and we would certainly agree with that sentiment.”

Ouch. If you agree with Sarah and think she is the best let her know in the comments below.



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