Joy Behar Gets Nasty, Reveals Filthy Nicknames For Trump Her Book Publisher Refused To Print

Source: Youtube, ABC

Joy Behar used to be friends with Donald Trump. When he was a businessman and celebrity and everyone wanted to be near him, she was.

Typical phony Hollywood liberal.

As soon as he became a politician with the GOP she turned nasty. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t take cheap shots at President Trump.

Trump can take it but it still hurts on some level to have his former friends – this is from a guy who knows and values loyalty – turn on him and be exposed as just fake people.

I am not saying have sympathy for Trump – he is a big boy – but…there is no need for such hate from the left. That’s all I am saying.

Joy Behar just reveled to Page Six the list of filthy nicknames she was going to use to describe the sitting President of the United States in her new book, but her publisher wouldn’t let her.

The book takes Trump bashing to a new low and is titled: “The Great Gasbag, an A-to-Z Study Guide To Surviving Trump World.”

The names she wanted to use but publisher HarperCollins said no include: “Con With the Wind,” “Pride and Very Prejudiced,” “Catcher in the Lie,” “Not Such Great Expectations,” “A Farewell to the Constitution,” “The Son-in-Law Also Rises,” “War and Hairpiece.”

And the lowlight…“Moby Dick Head.”

Nice huh? What a disgrace.

She added for good measure the book is, “It’s basically a survival guide, but not the type that tells you how to get up in the morning and cope with the fact that you have a misogynistic racist in the White House . . . it’s more of a fun A to Z — B is for Bankruptcy, I is for Ivana.”

If you think this witch should get back on her broom and do us all a favor and fly away share this.


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