Julian Assange Sets Internet On Fire With Hilarious New Nickname For Hillary Clinton

Source: WikiLeaks

Julian Assange finally had enough of the attacks coming from sore loser Hillary Cinton. She has been on her book tour otherwise known as Hillary’s pity party of blame.

And she is blaming everyone. But she has saved her most poisonous venom for one Julian Assange.

As PJ Media reports Hillary told an Australian media outlet,

“Assange has become a kind of nihilistic opportunist who does the bidding of a dictator. … WikiLeaks is unfortunately now practically a fully owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence.”

Julian of course had a response at once devastating and truthful. And it shook Hillary to the core. Because it is not easy coming up with a new nickname for someone, especially someone as reviled as Hillary.

But he did it. And it is perfect.

He started out calling her a liar who has “something wrong with her.”

And then it gets better. A takedown worthy of Trump himself, complete with the world class nickname.

Julian said in a series of tweets:

“WikiLeaks has a pristine record for accuracy. HRC is not a credible person. The primary cause of her downfall was her own Machiavellian scheme to elevate Mr. Trump (“Pied Piper”). Our last Russian expose was three weeks ago. https://wikileaks.org/spyfiles/russia/ …”

Then he added the nickname that will follow Hillary around forever, unless we can find something better.

“There’s something wrong with Hillary Clinton. It is not just her constant lying. It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement. Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen.”

There it is: “Cold and Creepy.” Thank you Julian.

Perfect. Funny. True. Please God let this stick and follow her around for the rest of her days.

You know for certain that when Bill Clinton heard her called ‘Cold and Creepy’ he said, “Nailed it.”

If you think Julian nailed it spread this everywhere.



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