After Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Weinstein, Sheriff Clarke PUNCHES Back With EPIC Response

Source: Fox News

After the controversy surrounding the Harvey Weinstein allegations of sexual assault and rape, Hillary Clinton decided to open her mouth to defend her long time friend and compared President Trump to Weinstein.

“We have an admitted sexual assaulter in the White House,” says Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s comments were completely disgraceful and she should certainly face backlash for her stupidity and foolishness! And then came Sheriff Clarke…

He TOTALLY DESTROYS her in this EPIC clip from Fox News. Watch Here:

“If there’s one person in the United States of America, maybe in the world, who has no respect for the victims of sexual assault… it’s Mrs. Bill Clinton.”

He went on to talk about how Hillary Clinton trashed the reputations of the alleged sexual assault victims of her husband in his defense. So for her to say that victims should be believed is the most hypocritical thing to come out of her mouth.

And he is absolutely right! Hillary Clinton had zero regard for those who her husband had sexually assaulted so why does she care now? Oh that’s right, that’s because she will say anything she can and take any opportunity to bash our president no matter how dumb she sounds.

If you agree with Sheriff Clarke and think Hillary Clinton should be in jail then share this all over! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Became a conservative after being inspired by Donald Trump. My mission is to make people aware that politics and race should never be mixed! It's about what your heart says! I will be giving you the best and hottest news from a unique conservative perspective daily! Join me & let's spread the good word!


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