America Is CHEERING After Kellyanne Conway Just Said One Thing That’ll Ruin Democrats

Source: Fox News

Today on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway was interviewed and asked some questions about illegal immigration, DACA, and the Southern border wall.

She is always has the right words to say and is one of the most highly respected figures among conservatives. When the cameras started rolling, Kellyanne put her game face on and said exactly what America needed to hear.

Watch Her Epic Statement Here:

“One of the major challenges is what to do with folks who cross the border illegaly.”

“We also want the safe return of children who are coming over unaccompanied and for the those minors to go home safely and securely.”

 “We also want to build that border wall.”

“That includes funding for it. We’re going to limit chain migration to spouses and children. Because it’s not fair to the American worker.”

“And you know for years this country including Capitol Hill and the swamp they’ve always asked, “What more can we do for the illegal immigrant?”

“This President is asking what’s fair to the American worker.”

She hit the nail right on the head! For years the swamp has been more concerned about illegal immigrants an refugees then they have been about the American worker.

We have had it! Enough is enough!

It’s time to take back our country for us, for our children, and for our children’s future!

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