Michelle Malkin Just Left EVERY Jaw Hanging With BRUTAL Message To Anthem Protesters

Source: Fox News

Michelle Malkin is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, and author. Last night she was on Fox News to discuss the controversy surrounding NFL and the National Anthem.

She gets on camera, looks dead into it, and gave the most Brutal reality check to the anthem protesters that will BREAK them. Watch Here:

“If they keep doubling down on stupid, NFL is going to stand for ‘No Fans Left.'”

This statement couldn’t be any closer to the truth. How dare the NFL think this type of degeneracy should be allowed on national television? Nobody wants their kids viewing this level of disrespect to our country.

No turning back, they can’t fix this any longer and this should be the last straw. For anyone who was on the fence about boycotting the NFL, this organization does not need to exist any longer. It’s a shame.

Silent people, it’s time to stop remaining silent. The NFL is stepping on shaking ground. People are burning hundred dollars memorabilia and throwing away their favorite team’s gear. I think NFL crossed the line and pushed itself to the point of no return.

Are you ready to go to war with the NFL?

The NFL owners look past the insulting behavior that goes on under their watch. They are actively working to divide this country and take away American values. Let’s make this go viral. If they want a war with we the people, they are going to get one.

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God bless all the American patriots and thank you for fighting beside us to make this country great again!


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