Right After Epic Speech, Trump Grabbed Texas Flag And Did Something AWE-INSPIRING

Source: ABC News

President Trump arrived in Corpus Cristi this morning with Melania to assist in efforts to help Texans get through the destruction caused by the storm.

After being greeted by Gov. Abbott and thanked for his support, President Trump took to the streets to give an amazing speech to Texans in their time of need.

After his amazing speech, President Trump ends off with “Texas Can Handle Anything.” Right when he finishes his speech, he picks up the Texas flag and does something amazing.


He thanked Senator Cruz and others and continued that “this is historic and epic what happened, but you know what, it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything.”

Immediately after people started going crazy. Texas pride spread all through the crowd.

It is so amazing to see a President that uplifts his people by showing that pride in ourselves and in each other is the best way to hold ourselves up when facing even the most difficult of situations.

The media might not show this as much as they will negative things about the President so it’s up to us to SHARE it to show the true face of the President.


Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Became a conservative after being inspired by Donald Trump. My mission is to make people aware that politics and race should never be mixed! It's about what your heart says! I will be giving you the best and hottest news from a unique conservative perspective daily! Join me & let's spread the good word!


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