IT’S OVER: Right After DOJ Reopens Investigation, Hillary Got The WORST News Of Her Life

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Things are not looking good for Hillary Clinton and seems to be getting worse. The Department of Justice have just decided to reopen the case into her mishandling of classified information on her private email server.

The case was dismissed when the Department of Justice (DOJ) was under Obama. So now with President Trump reign over the DOJ, he has sent a special request to dig into the situation to find out the truth. It turns out that officials have made a demand that shows in how much trouble they are actually in. According to some reports, last month a plea deal was offered to Hillary by the DOJ, according to Newsmax

What does the plea deal prove?

This proves that they have evidence that may be strong enough to put her away for a good amount of time if she doesn’t accept the plea deal.

After Hillary’s attorney talked with the prosecutor, they learned that even though Former FBI Director James Comey decided to clear Hillary of all charges, the DOJ has reopened the email case and strongly believes that there is enough evidence to prosecute her.

Hillary can still accept the plea deal and get out of this, but that would mean admitting her knowledge of committing a crime. If she refuses the plea deal, the illegal use of her servers were not the only things that the DOJ will be looking into.

Although we all want to see Hillary behind bars, part of the plea deal is that if she accepts it the DOJ will not further any investigation into her deals with foreign governments and the many shady characters who have donated to the Clinton Foundation.

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Source: NewsMax

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